Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Web Content Protection Software – The Complete Anti Piracy Solution

LockLizard provides various comprehensive web content protection solutions that you may need, from controlling viewing, modifying, copying, and saving content, to even disabling printing. It offers refined controls such as how many times your content can be printed or viewed, and whether it can be viewed offline and for how long/number of days. This is powerful anti piracy software as it is able to inhibit the use of screen grabbers and Windows print screen, printing to file, PDF format, email, or other image printers.

The LockLizard web content protection application prevents the sharing of your web content as users must first register with you in order to obtain their license and decryption keys. What’s more, decryption keys are transparently relayed to the client keystore and are locked to individual computers to prevent sharing. This anti piracy software gives you the ability to expire or revoke access to web content no matter where it resides, immediately after you detect unauthorized use, once view limits are reached, or once an expiry date is reached.

There are also a host of other functions included in this software that you will find very useful for the purposes of managing and protecting your web content.


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