Sunday, October 10, 2010

PDF Protection by Safeguard PDF Security

LockLizard offers a range of PDF protection software that allows you to manage the users that have access to your PDF documents. We fully understand how much you value the content of your documents and make it our business to ensure the contents of your PDF documents are fully in your control.

Safeguard PDF Security offers PDF protection that allows you to control copying, printing, modifying and saving of your PDF files. For additional PDF protection, the software allows you to add watermarks to your documents.

Safeguard’s PDF protection also allows you to determine when and for how long users have access to your documents. You may either put an expiry date, or limit the times the document can be opened.

Safeguard PDF Security is a simple to use PDF protection tool with both online and offline protection for documents. It has several features that can be viewed by clicking on this link

Monday, October 4, 2010

PDF DRM Systems

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is quite vital when it comes to protecting intellectual property. Not many people are confident storing information on the internet as PDF files for the fear of someone stealing them. LockLizard offers PDF security software to aid you in securing your information. This is highly secure PDF DRM software prevents hackers stealing your documents.

The PDF DRM solution you chose has to be able to prevent unauthorised viewing, copying, editing or printing of the PDF document. Not only this, the PDF DRM system should ensure that printouts are made to real printers and not to temporary file storage locations.

Before purchasing the system, establish if your PDF DRM supplier can control screenshots; if not, you are not getting what you bargained for. You should also determine if the PDF DRM controller can regulate licence replication across networks. This may lead to your PDF document being accessed by the whole network.