Thursday, November 22, 2012

Protect PDF Files with Lock Lizard for US Government Strength Security

Being able to protect PDF files with LockLizard for US government strength security is the solution for important documents which need to be copy protected. This software provides the user total copy control for their documents. An exceptionally easy interface for use by both document writers and readers without the use of passwords has made Lock Lizard quickly become a popular form of document security.

Using encryption techniques which are of US government strength, the Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls are easy to use and ensure protection from intellectual theft, unauthorized viewing, modification, copying and printing. The control of expiry enables you to apply expiration dates, days, or the number of secure prints or views allowed for readers. The use of dynamic watermarks on printed and viewed copies of documents is another form of copy control utilized by this software.

A secure PDC viewer is another security feature and is used for viewing and reading PDF documents with Lock Lizard. This viewer aids in the prevention of screen grabbing and/or saving of documents as an additional means of copy protection.

With the use of the Lock Lizard software, one can be assured of protection from theft of their work, documents, articles or other forms of copy material which needs to be safeguarded. Besides being protected from theft of intellectual material, one is guarded from unauthorized modifications or additions of unsuitable and unwanted content.

Writers, companies large and small, personal computer users and everyone who wishes to safeguard and copy protect their work from theft online can download and implement the use of Lock Lizard. With an easy interface, US government strength encryption, use of a PDC viewer and other forms of document protection utilized in the application, this Digital Rights Management software allows one to feel confident their valuable intellectual work is safely copy protected.

Trust LockLizard To Keep Your Data Safe

Unfortunately, in today's time theft of intellectual property (web pages, pdf's other digital data) or data leakage is not an uncommon occurrence. Losing your data, or allowing someone else to leak it to the wrong people can mean a loss of revenue and turmoil for your business especially if the files are confidential. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your data is to hire a data leakage prevention and data security protection company. Here at Locklizard we are dedicated to ensuring that your business is protected and that your files are protected. At locklizard we are a DRM (Digital Rights Management Company) that seeks to protect your Internet content from leakage and from people who might try and copy it.

We provide data leakage prevention by offering a wide range of products that help to secure your data to prevent it from being leaked to people who seek to copy it. We offer copy prevention programs that inhibit readers or other users from using the content outside certain parameters that are set by you. With our programs, you can stop copying and any unauthorized distribution, audit document use, identify leaks, and even revoke access to any protection information that you like.
We also provide data security protection programs to help keep your content safe. Our data protection programs enable you to place unique watermarks on all your documents, stop screen grabbing and Internet page copying. Our protection software also allows businesses to dictate who can see what data and for how long. You can set expiring access and restrict or even completely prohibit printing as well. There are many options to help protect you and your content.

If you need help protecting your content, please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit us online at and sign up for a free trial. We are here to help you keep your intellectual property secure.