Friday, August 31, 2012

The Standards of Security

The standard format for documents today has become the PDF. These files are readable on nearly every operating system and exist as the most versatile form of file sharing for basic information available. This level of compatibility is extremely convenient for anyone sharing information on a regular basis. However, for individuals who have sensitive information that needs to remain relatively private, this advantage can actually serve as a draw back. File sharing programs are everywhere and not all of them are always secure. Updates and security software provide some protection, but the people trying to steal information always seem to be one step ahead of the game.

For this reason it is important to secure your documents themselves. When the security of your network fails, you can be sure that the protection of your actual data is safe by using a secured PDF. Programs are available that can actually lock your files to outside sources and encrypt the data that is present in the PDF you are transferring. Programs such as Lock Lizard allow you to create a secured PDF that even dictates how long the receiving party will have access to the document.

Quality protection software for PDF files give you complete control over your data. Many times there are copyright issues with the content you are transferring. Having the ability to track PDF files lets you monitor unauthorized distribution of your content. Controlling what users can actually do with the content you send them gives you heightened security even when the files are no longer in your hands! The ability to track PDF files even lets you control the environment in which the files are viewed. Viewing can be limited to strictly when users are online or off. The control of information truly is power, and in this case, power is security.

Can You Protect Your PDF File from Copying and Pasting?

A PDF is more than just a mere document. It also represents the intellectual property of the writer that composed it. This is true whether you are writing fiction, nonfiction, a business proposal or really anything that is put to electronic text format and then turned into a PDF. The quandary so many face is they will produce a brilliant work in PDF format, circulate it and then lose control over what happens to the PDF once it is viewed by others. Not everyone would wish to see the contents of a file duplicated without authorization which is why it is necessary to protect PDF from copy and paste actions.

Is this a difficult process to engage in? The answer is no as long as you have access to proper security data protection programs. With such a program, the owners of the rights to the PDF and its contents can feel more confident that unauthorized duplication will not be possible.

Once you have weaved in a quality data protection code into the inner working of the PDF's security any attempts to cut and paste it will be for naught. Simply put, the cut and paste function won't work. Such a function might seem all that is necessary but more may be required. Why is this? The answer is there are those hacker oriented types that will try to override the security data protection function. Thieves generally will be diligent in their approach to appropriating someone else's material so they will try to bypass security functions. The question that remains is whether or not they can succeed at what it is they are doing?

With the right program to protect PDF from copy and paste, the answer will be no. A quality protection code will definitely not be easy to override and even an experienced hacker will become frustrated and give up.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Best Ebook Security In The World, And Everybody Is Talking About It

If we are looking for the perfect way to protect an ebook, then you are going to need the best ebook security in town. If you are going to purchase the best ebook protection money can buy then there are a few things to know, to make sure you have good ebook security.

We always want something that will allow us to share documents easily and securely. When we talk about ebook protection the number one element to defend against is piracy. To defend against piracy we have to be able to control document use. We also need to have the ability to see when and how often our documents are being printed and viewed.

With the best protection available, copying and unauthorized distribution can be stopped. Nobody wants to have their hard work stolen in the blink of an eye as the time invested is often quite high, and therefore it is a good idea to have it protected.

In the end, we know we need the best protection. We need to be protected from many things in the ebook world, and piracy is number one. When we can control the usage of our ebooks we can prevent theft, since people should always have power and control over their hard work, sweat, and tears.

There will always be people who don't take proper precautions. These people will remind others of why we need to protect our ebooks. Plenty of million dollar ideas have been stolen, so make sure you have the right protection.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New Revolution of Secure Document Sharing

Secure document sharing has become a big business for many. Companies always have a need for employees to share documents. Friends and families may also have the same need. Over the years there has been an evolution of secure document sharing thanks to the many advancements in technology.

One that is familiar with cloud storage can see just how much this has changed over the years. In the past there were Peer-2-Peer programs that were similar to the FTP server programs. This was easy, but it could present a challenge to some people that were unfamiliar with things such as I.P. addresses.

Today the role of cloud storage is one that is giving the most basic PC users power. The dilemma, however, is security. Some people want to make sure that the documents security issue is not something that they have to worry about. This is big in corporations where lots of sensitive information is being shared between employees. Fortunately, there are many ways to secure a document.

One of the most practical ways to conquer the documents security issue is through password protection. People can easily add passwords to PDF files, most Microsoft documents and zip files. People that have files to share with others can put all of these files in one folder and the files can be zipped with a single password that unzips all files. However, users should be made aware that passwords can be shared just as easily as documents, and that relying on password protection is not necessarily a good thing unless you are only sharing documents with someone you trust.