Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Is Document Rights Management

Document rights management is the process of protecting your personal or business documents from unauthorized use. This includes any Intellectual Property such as paper documents and reports, as well as digital documents such as e-books, PowerPoint presentations, flash files, or web content. With the advent of the digital age, it has become extremely easy for people to misuse and abuse the use of content published on the Internet. It can be very easy for unscrupulous people to copy, reprint, and resell e-books, documents, or other copyrighted materials without your knowledge or permission. To prevent this from happening to your PDF content, it is important to use PDF digital rights management (DRM) tools.

One easy way to enforce PDF digital rights management is to use software that is developed for this purpose. As with any document rights management tool, you want to ensure that your PDF DRM software prevents unauthorized copying, editing, resending, or screen capture of your PDF documents.  However, you do want to make sharing easy with authorized end-users.  Good DRM software will also you the flexibility to control who can see or print your PDF file and how many copies can be printed or sent to other users.  It should allow you the ability to watermark the PDF document and also let you to track how many times your file has been printed or viewed.

Make sure you use the right PDF digital rights management tools to protect your valuable content from being pirated or being used illegally.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Protecting Intellectual Property with Document DRM

Digital rights management, or DRM, is the process of ensuring documents copy protection is enforced on Intellectual Property that you own. In simple terms, it prevents people from stealing or misusing any Intellectual Property that is in document form. Such documents can include traditional paper documents or reports, but more commonly it is in the form of digital documents. Digital documents include many forms of content, including e-books, website HTML code, PDF files, flash files, etc. Digital documents can easily be copied, resent, edited, and screen captured without such protection. If you own any Intellectual Property, you should use some form of document DRM software to protect your content. 

As with any document copy protection, the document DRM software should be reliable, secure, and affordable. It should allow you the flexibility to share documents easily with authorized users. You should be able to specify how many times the document can be viewed, saved, printed, forwarded, or copied.  It should prevent unauthorized editing of your file and also placement of watermarks if necessary. Most importantly, DRM software must be easy for you to use and transparent to your end users. It should be designed so that hackers cannot easily break into the code and bypass the security measures.

Document copy protection, and especially document DRM protection is a vital tool for managing your Intellectual Property. It is a critical element for any well-managed business operation.  Just as you wouldn’t want a thief stealing property from your home, you wouldn’t want digital thieves stealing valuable content off your website.  Use DRM protection, and you can prevent that from happening.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

How To Protect The Next Great American Novel

Like many professions today, writers use personal computers to write their books. They communicate with editors via the Internet, sending parts or even all of their work across cyber space. If they are fortunate enough to become published, chances are their modern masterpiece will be available as an eBook download. How can the writer be sure his eBook is not being pirated digitally, or copied onto CD/DVD, depriving him of his due payments? PDF DRM, or digital rights management, can help you protect your intellectual property, and ensure no one else can steal your great American novel.

Protecting the writer’s property is very important to their livelihood. By using PDF eBook security, he or she can protect their work by blocking unauthorized copying onto CD/DVDs. This protection prohibits the content from being viewed without permission or being copied for mass distribution. PDF DRM can also prevent anyone from modifying the content, or screen grabbing the work for unauthorized use.

PDF eBook security provides protection by preventing not only the text and images from being stolen, but also logging views and prints and where they occurred. It can also help you to control how long your work is used for. This can help prevent anyone from using you content digitally without you expressed consent.

It is so important to protect intellectual property. A writer works very hard on their book, and deserves to reap the full benefit. Let PDF DRM protect your next great American novel!

Friday, May 31, 2013

How To Stop Unauthorized Printing Of PDF Files

If you need to limit the number of times a document or file is printed, a PDF print protection feature can be a very helpful thing to use. There are a number of different ways to use them.  The following information explains how to use PDF restrictions to further secure the unauthorized printing of content.

The easiest way to eliminate unauthorized printing of documents and files is to disable printing all together. This may not be the most practical approach. It would require a document management system that does not allow documents to be transferred from a computer to a printer. However, it may be the best way to achieve the desired objective.

Usually, disabling the printing function completely is not necessary. Using PDF print protection can provide more options. It is may be more important to set an enforceable limit on the number of copies that are printed. The purpose of these restrictions may be to help mitigate unauthorized distribution, and content piracy. Another concern may be the printing of files by unidentified sources. By using PDF restrictions you can put controls in place to prevent this from happening.

It is important to many people that their work not be re-produced and credited to someone else. The use of watermarking is a good way to avoid this problem and to identify the source of a document leak. This technique will also make it more complicated to take pre-existing content and disguise it as original work.

There are different ways to prevent unsanctioned printing. Sometimes the extreme measure of stopping any reproduction is needed. Utilizing PDF print protection features may provide more flexibility.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tips For Protecting PDF Files

PDF documents have become one of the most common ways that people share information and documents, because they provide an easy and standardized format that will be preserved no matter what kind of computer, operating system, or software you are using. However, many companies have discovered that PDFs are not necessarily secure. If you’re not sure how to protect a PDF file, here are some quick tips.

When you have sensitive business or client information that you need to put into a document, you need to know it has not been altered or changed in any way. If you know how to protect PDF documents, you can feel confident that the information you send out has not changed. It starts with the right software.

One of the most important things you should know is how your PDF can be compromised. People might be copying, modifying, or printing the PDF without your authorization, capturing screen shots (even for PDFs you think are protected), or sharing that information around the Internet. To prevent this, you need a solution that allows you to easily and securely lock part or all of your documents, and grant only the kind of access you want to allow. That might mean locking the PDF from certain computer or devices, adding automatic watermarks, creating password access, or some other form of protection.

If your company works with large volumes of documents and you need to know how to protect a PDF file that is part of a larger volume of documents, you can find solutions today that allow you to automate the process with batch protection so you don’t have to worry about human error if someone missed one of a huge number of PDF documents you need to protect.

Sharing information is critical to today’s business success, but it’s important that you are able to only share information on your own terms. Get the right solutions and learn how to protect PDF sensitive business documents today.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Put A Strong Lock On Your PDF File Information

As you work to implement protect PDF file measures, information thieves work to come up with more innovative ways to break your protection.  The solution is to contact a Document Rights Management (DRM) provider, and create the most secure lock for your data as you can.

Some of the measures a provider implements for PDF document security will address the common methods of unauthorized information access.  These include allowing users to save sensitive documents to their computer, or to forward them in their emails.  It also stops users from printing out the documents and disseminating the paper copies.  It even prevents screen captures of the proprietary documents.

However, many of the measures taken by a professional DRM company to provide protect PDF file strategies are not dreamed of by the common user.  For instance, the best DRM providers will not use plug-ins.  Although providing protection service with a plug-in is a standard way of providing a general service, it does not provide the level of validation required by a strong DRM strategy.

Another common way to protect information transfer is to create access controls using the most common Internet browser scripting language available: JavaScript.  However, JavaScript is not a secure implementation, and is vulnerable to malicious software that can copy or even alter the content of PDF documents.  The best DRM providers do not use JavaScript.

Another way that information hackers access controlled information is to go to the temporary documents storage location.  Depending on the browser and settings, every document a user views is stored to a temporary location, whether they manually save the document or not.  Some of the reasons it does this is to preclude having to save a large document in limited dynamic memory.  It will also have a cached copy of the document that allows the user a second view without downloading the file a second time.  Unfortunately, the location of these documents is not well hidden, and thieves can bypass the original document and simply access the temporary documents.  Top-level DRM firms will not use temporary documents either.

One display method that was effective for a long time was to use Flash to provide PDF document security.  However, even this method was broken years ago, and your DRM provider will not use Flash either.

These are just some of the design constraints a DRM company addresses.  After reading this, many are surprised at how vulnerable their sensitive information actually is.  However, they can see that their documents are in good hands, and that, as fast as the information thieves come up with new strategies, their DRM solution provider is there to stop them.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Selecting High Quality PDF Security Software

The use of electronic documents to conduct work has become standard practice for businesses and organizations everywhere in the world.  Despite that fact, very few users are taking the necessary steps in their offices to ensure that they are protecting documents properly.  Whether you are a large publisher or a small business regularly managing digital content, PDF security software is an important investment to make for the future of your client base.

Simply put, PDF security software allows you to control who can access electronic documents, what they can edit within those documents, and how long they view the content.  If you are looking for this type of security, make sure to choose a reliable software company that can give you the security and results you are looking for.

Like most basic PDF security software, it is important to find software that prevents unauthorized access to PDF documents in your system.  There are certain systems that also offer a full suite of administrator options to improve client user experience.  As the administrator, you will be able to set up unique user accounts with customizable viewing, printing, and location permissions.  Document retention allows PDFs to become inaccessible after a predetermined time.  Document watermarking with user information can be displayed on any printing.

For a company striving to protect sensitive documents or a publisher managing ebooks and subscription services, there is certain software available that will provide the perfect solution.  Don’t cut corners in protecting documents for your clients.