Friday, May 24, 2013

Tips For Protecting PDF Files

PDF documents have become one of the most common ways that people share information and documents, because they provide an easy and standardized format that will be preserved no matter what kind of computer, operating system, or software you are using. However, many companies have discovered that PDFs are not necessarily secure. If you’re not sure how to protect a PDF file, here are some quick tips.

When you have sensitive business or client information that you need to put into a document, you need to know it has not been altered or changed in any way. If you know how to protect PDF documents, you can feel confident that the information you send out has not changed. It starts with the right software.

One of the most important things you should know is how your PDF can be compromised. People might be copying, modifying, or printing the PDF without your authorization, capturing screen shots (even for PDFs you think are protected), or sharing that information around the Internet. To prevent this, you need a solution that allows you to easily and securely lock part or all of your documents, and grant only the kind of access you want to allow. That might mean locking the PDF from certain computer or devices, adding automatic watermarks, creating password access, or some other form of protection.

If your company works with large volumes of documents and you need to know how to protect a PDF file that is part of a larger volume of documents, you can find solutions today that allow you to automate the process with batch protection so you don’t have to worry about human error if someone missed one of a huge number of PDF documents you need to protect.

Sharing information is critical to today’s business success, but it’s important that you are able to only share information on your own terms. Get the right solutions and learn how to protect PDF sensitive business documents today.


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