Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sending confidential information online without worries

Often, we have to send confidential information over the internet. Case in point is when applying for a job and you are asked to email your résumé and cover letter. These documents are confidential and we would never want anyone to view them except the intended recipients. We also don’t want them to be altered in any way. Unfortunately, such documents can end up going where they were never intended to. When they have been delivered to the right recipients it sometimes happens that their formatting can change say if the viewer uses a different program to open the files.

To make sure that no unintended person will read your documents and that the documents will not lose their formatting you should send them in the form of a secure PDF file. If you send a document as a secure PDF file only the person with the requisite key can open it because you will have set up Adobe password protection for the file.

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