Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Web Content Protection Software – The Complete Anti Piracy Solution

LockLizard provides various comprehensive web content protection solutions that you may need, from controlling viewing, modifying, copying, and saving content, to even disabling printing. It offers refined controls such as how many times your content can be printed or viewed, and whether it can be viewed offline and for how long/number of days. This is powerful anti piracy software as it is able to inhibit the use of screen grabbers and Windows print screen, printing to file, PDF format, email, or other image printers.

The LockLizard web content protection application prevents the sharing of your web content as users must first register with you in order to obtain their license and decryption keys. What’s more, decryption keys are transparently relayed to the client keystore and are locked to individual computers to prevent sharing. This anti piracy software gives you the ability to expire or revoke access to web content no matter where it resides, immediately after you detect unauthorized use, once view limits are reached, or once an expiry date is reached.

There are also a host of other functions included in this software that you will find very useful for the purposes of managing and protecting your web content.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Digital Rights Management DRM Security – A Short Excerpt

Digital Rights Management DRM draws its essence from intellectual property rights (IPR) or copyrights whereby there are laws that see to it that copyright owners are paid for the use of their creative works such as films, pictures, music, plays, books and so forth. DRM in relation to IPR is therefore about the measures that are taken by a copyright owner to ensure that his/her creative is not abused to the effect that he/she will not receive his/her due royalties. DRM security is therefore all about protecting any intellectual property that is held and processed by computers or indeed anything else that can process CD-ROM, DVD, VCR, cassette tapes, flashcards and so forth.

Digital Rights Management DRM in relation to IT controls seeks to provide fine-grained controls with regards to reading a copyrighted item (how many times, start and end dates for reading), printing (if allowed, number of copies, poor quality copies to discourage copying), altering (changing the content, removing copyright marks), copying (making copies, copying certain portions, taking screenshots), and running the item as a program (run on one computer, only one user to run it, number of PCs the item can use). DRM security systems use cryptography to enforce these controls which are transparent to the user, and cannot be modified.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Digital Copy Protection Software – Protect your document rights

Every company has data, files or images that are central to its day-to-day operations and as such these must be kept away from unauthorized persons. While it is impossible to stop copies from being made you can rely on digital copy protection software such as that from locklizard.com, which uses encryption and digital rights management (DRM) controls to regulate the access and usage of documents and content. This software will see to it that your document rights won’t be abused as the media will only be accessible to authorized users.

DRM controls available with LockLizard digital copy protection software, include watermarks that personalize such files and/or their copies/printouts with your details and/or those of the person responsible for reproducing them - thus preventing or reducing the desire of authorized persons to share the protected materials that they are linked to.

LockLizard document rights software is easy to use, pocket-friendly and secure, and as such its use will not be an inconvenience either for you or your customers.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adobe eBook and PDF Document Protection Software

Safeguard PDF Security from locklizard.com provides comprehensive PDF document DRM controls for the protection of your adobe eBook publications. Some of the controls that Safeguard provides include protection against unauthorized document viewing, printing, copying, modifying, sharing, saving and screenshots, as well as printing to file, image printers or PDF format. In addition to these capabilities the software lets you decide on when your documents will no longer be viewable, whether they are viewable offline or only online and in thin client or virtual environments, and when client accounts expire.

This adobe eBook security platform is facilitated via a multi-tiered protective system that is not based on passwords. For clients to view or access your PDF documents that are protected with Safeguard they are required to have the Secure PDF Viewer that LockLizard provides. It is through this viewer that Safeguard is able to implement the PDF encryption and all the DRM controls that have been set on a protected PDF document.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Secured document sharing with LockLizard Security Software

Document security software is required to protect our eBooks, html web content, PowerPoint slides and swf files among other file types from unauthorized viewing, modification or sharing, and even getting stolen. For secured document sharing to take place we cannot solely rely on encryption because once the document is decrypted users can do anything with our documents including forwarding, copying and printing, as well as other file processes. This is why we need DRM controls in addition to encryption to ensure that users are discouraged from sharing our protected documents that only they are authorized to use.

www.LockLizard.com document security software brings forth a way to help enforce secured document sharing through a secure watermarking feature, which works by personalizing documents. Here, any viewed or printed content will contain watermarks bearing details of the person culpable in allowing the illegal document sharing. In addition to watermarks the software allows the document owner to restrict the number of times that the protected document can be printed.

Effective Securing PDF documents with Safeguard PDF DRM Software

As arguably the best software for securing PDF documents, Safeguard PDF DRM from www.locklizard.com brings along ingenious DRM PDF security settings that will guarantee your digital rights protection regardless of where your document/s resides.
Even with all the capabilities that it makes available, it remains a cost-effective document protection solution with a high ROI because of its lower implementation costs. This is because locklizard.com hosts the licensing/administration system on its own servers, although clients can also do their own hosting. This implementation method makes Safeguard ready to run within minutes of the PDF security settings being applied to a PDF document.

With this software, securing PDF documents is as easy as right-clicking on the file and selecting the controls you desire. It is also easy to manage because there are no passwords to remember, manage or send to users. You can be confident about using this software as it prevents the use of Windows print screen and other third-party screen grabber applications. What’s more, Safeguard does not make use of and blocks JavaScript, which has been shown to predispose computers to hacker attacks.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Total PDF document and eBook protection

When creating eBooks and other PDF document products (training courses, reports, etc.), it is certainly your hope and wish that users will respect your Intellectual Property Rights. At LockLizard.com we have developed a Digital Rights Management control system, Safeguard PDF Security, which will protect your PDF eBook or document from piracy, allow you to control its use, allow you to revoke it securely, and see when and how often it was viewed and/or printed.

This suite is well equipped to prevent PDF document copying, sharing, prevent printing or control the number of prints, and stop screen grabbing. You can instantly revoke access to your PDF documents and files, set access expiry dates, and implement dynamic watermarking which applies individual user information to the viewed/printed document. You can also audit document use.

Safeguard PDF Security will give you PDF eBook security both inside and outside your organization so you can cost-effectively distribute your digital creative and manage it regardless of where it is located.

How to protect a document from information leakage

At times we need to share our eBooks, documents, software, swf flash files and html content with other users external to our organizations. An information leakage concern then arises as we do not have control over what the licensed users can do with our documents i.e. printing, making copies, or even distribution to unauthorized users. The question that begs therefore is about how to protect a document once it is out of our jurisdiction.

Consequently, the best document protection should be a combination of encryption (but not password encryption which can easily be broken) and DRM controls so that when the document is decrypted the DRM controls will enforce usage rights.

DRM controls can be used to disable printing and provide watermarking protection to discourage photocopying of printed material and photographing screen image; DRM can identify the authorized user who let the document/s be accessed by non-licensed persons. DRM also prevents information leakage to unauthorized parties regardless of where the documents are located. DRM is certainly one of the best ways of how to protect a document because you can easily switch off an authorized user immediately you detect a data leak.