Friday, December 2, 2011

Effective Securing PDF documents with Safeguard PDF DRM Software

As arguably the best software for securing PDF documents, Safeguard PDF DRM from brings along ingenious DRM PDF security settings that will guarantee your digital rights protection regardless of where your document/s resides.
Even with all the capabilities that it makes available, it remains a cost-effective document protection solution with a high ROI because of its lower implementation costs. This is because hosts the licensing/administration system on its own servers, although clients can also do their own hosting. This implementation method makes Safeguard ready to run within minutes of the PDF security settings being applied to a PDF document.

With this software, securing PDF documents is as easy as right-clicking on the file and selecting the controls you desire. It is also easy to manage because there are no passwords to remember, manage or send to users. You can be confident about using this software as it prevents the use of Windows print screen and other third-party screen grabber applications. What’s more, Safeguard does not make use of and blocks JavaScript, which has been shown to predispose computers to hacker attacks.


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