Friday, December 2, 2011

Secured document sharing with LockLizard Security Software

Document security software is required to protect our eBooks, html web content, PowerPoint slides and swf files among other file types from unauthorized viewing, modification or sharing, and even getting stolen. For secured document sharing to take place we cannot solely rely on encryption because once the document is decrypted users can do anything with our documents including forwarding, copying and printing, as well as other file processes. This is why we need DRM controls in addition to encryption to ensure that users are discouraged from sharing our protected documents that only they are authorized to use. document security software brings forth a way to help enforce secured document sharing through a secure watermarking feature, which works by personalizing documents. Here, any viewed or printed content will contain watermarks bearing details of the person culpable in allowing the illegal document sharing. In addition to watermarks the software allows the document owner to restrict the number of times that the protected document can be printed.


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