Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Digital Copy Protection Software – Protect your document rights

Every company has data, files or images that are central to its day-to-day operations and as such these must be kept away from unauthorized persons. While it is impossible to stop copies from being made you can rely on digital copy protection software such as that from, which uses encryption and digital rights management (DRM) controls to regulate the access and usage of documents and content. This software will see to it that your document rights won’t be abused as the media will only be accessible to authorized users.

DRM controls available with LockLizard digital copy protection software, include watermarks that personalize such files and/or their copies/printouts with your details and/or those of the person responsible for reproducing them - thus preventing or reducing the desire of authorized persons to share the protected materials that they are linked to.

LockLizard document rights software is easy to use, pocket-friendly and secure, and as such its use will not be an inconvenience either for you or your customers.


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