Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adobe eBook and PDF Document Protection Software

Safeguard PDF Security from locklizard.com provides comprehensive PDF document DRM controls for the protection of your adobe eBook publications. Some of the controls that Safeguard provides include protection against unauthorized document viewing, printing, copying, modifying, sharing, saving and screenshots, as well as printing to file, image printers or PDF format. In addition to these capabilities the software lets you decide on when your documents will no longer be viewable, whether they are viewable offline or only online and in thin client or virtual environments, and when client accounts expire.

This adobe eBook security platform is facilitated via a multi-tiered protective system that is not based on passwords. For clients to view or access your PDF documents that are protected with Safeguard they are required to have the Secure PDF Viewer that LockLizard provides. It is through this viewer that Safeguard is able to implement the PDF encryption and all the DRM controls that have been set on a protected PDF document.


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