Thursday, June 13, 2013

How To Protect The Next Great American Novel

Like many professions today, writers use personal computers to write their books. They communicate with editors via the Internet, sending parts or even all of their work across cyber space. If they are fortunate enough to become published, chances are their modern masterpiece will be available as an eBook download. How can the writer be sure his eBook is not being pirated digitally, or copied onto CD/DVD, depriving him of his due payments? PDF DRM, or digital rights management, can help you protect your intellectual property, and ensure no one else can steal your great American novel.

Protecting the writer’s property is very important to their livelihood. By using PDF eBook security, he or she can protect their work by blocking unauthorized copying onto CD/DVDs. This protection prohibits the content from being viewed without permission or being copied for mass distribution. PDF DRM can also prevent anyone from modifying the content, or screen grabbing the work for unauthorized use.

PDF eBook security provides protection by preventing not only the text and images from being stolen, but also logging views and prints and where they occurred. It can also help you to control how long your work is used for. This can help prevent anyone from using you content digitally without you expressed consent.

It is so important to protect intellectual property. A writer works very hard on their book, and deserves to reap the full benefit. Let PDF DRM protect your next great American novel!


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