Friday, January 20, 2012

Considering the raging PDF ePub issue

In publishing their eBooks many editors are grappling over the issue of which format to have their creative in and thus the PDF ePub dilemma. Also known as Adobe Digital Edition, ePub is part of the adobe e-book platform that is used for authoring, protecting and delivering eBooks across different devices, and which is easily converted to Adobe PDF format. However, there already exist plenty of methods of removing Adept or ePub DRM security, thus exposing eBooks to all manner of content abuse including unauthorized viewing, copying, printing, sharing and so forth.

Until now there have not been significant developments aimed at making ePub DRM as successful as that of PDF, and while this has not dissuaded people from using it, the question that begs is how long it will take before an effective system is developed. When stuck on the PDF ePub divide for creating your document, it will serve you well to consider whether you need your eBooks to be a source of income or whether they will be freely available allowing for unrestricted copying and modification by all and sundry.


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