Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Secured Document Sharing – Is it Possible?

In most circumstances publishers seek to use mechanisms that will help to stop forwarding of their documents. However, to merely stop sharing is not a comprehensive approach because there are circumstances where we need to share our documents, say for feedback purposes. For such situations we need a system that can guarantee secured document sharing such that it will regulate what users can do with documents.

Encrypting documents cannot stop forwarding because once a document is decrypted the unprotected version can easily be distributed to others. A document security system such as that from LockLizard.com, i.e. Safeguard PDF Security, does not only stop sharing but it also regulates the document functions available to the user thanks to its intertwined DRM control mechanism. This system sustains secured document sharing by locking files to individual computers so that access is only possible for authorized users.


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