Thursday, January 19, 2012

Protect Files – Total Security with Safeguard PDF Security

We need documentation security systems to protect files from unauthorized distribution in addition to determining what authorized users can do with them or for how long they can use them.

With Safeguard PDF Security from, some of the finer protect file aspects that you get to employ include controlling viewing, printing, copying, modifying, sharing, saving, determining PDF expiration dates, stopping print screen and screen grabbers, and stopping printing to file, image printers or PDF format. Such a system therefore gives you the power to decide when your documents can no longer be viewed, and whether they can be viewed offline or only online, and if this can occur in thin or virtual client environments. Similarly to the PDF expiration dates, you can also decide when user accounts will expire.

Safeguard PDF Security ensures that you can protect files sufficiently thanks its secure viewer which enforces the controls that you place on the document. This is not a password-based protect file system and thus you not exposed to various PDF security flaws that are typical of other systems.


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