Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Comprehensive Web Content Protection from LockLizard Data Security Protection

Every organization with a website that contains training materials, service manuals, market reports, and so forth, should invest in data security protection mechanisms to prevent from copying the html contents and images they carry. Content protection also prevents unauthorized modifying of html content, helps you to decide if it can be printed, and if so, how many times this can be done, and controls the viewing of your web content and for how long e.g. days, months, years or forever. has such a data security protection system in its DRM-based Lizard Protector Web Security, and which also includes the capability to inhibit screen grabber and Windows print screen, thus preventing screenshots of your web contents from being taken. You will also love the fact that this web content protection system prevents printing to file, PDF, email, and other common image printers. The system further locks the web content to the authorized user’s computer and this ensures that it cannot be shared with any unauthorized user. The same locking system is also used to prevent from copying the decryption keys, and so unlike passwords they cannot be transferred to another person.


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