Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to protect your vital documents from abuse by employees

In the past protecting documents was very easy – a secure lock to the file storage room was all you needed since all important documents were stashed in cabinets each presumably safely locked. That era is however long gone and now we store documents in computers with remote backups for extra security. It was easier to protect documents stored in filing cabinets than it is to protect documents stored in digital format; with the latter, copying and transferring documents is very easy. With a few clicks of your mouse you can make numerous copies of a document and send them to people all over the world.

Giving passwords to authorized users is the oldest and still most widely used means of protecting documents but it falls short because as soon as the authorized person has accessed a document - there is no way of telling what he or she will do with it. A person entrusted with confidential documents can easily leak them to unauthorized people. To ensure that this does not happen you need a way to continue protecting a document even when it’s in the hands of an authorized user.

Locklizard has developed cutting-edge DRM software that you can use to give your documents extra protection. Here is one powerful method that you can use to protect documents with Locklizard’s software: First of all, you will convert the important document into PDF form and then using Locklizard’s PDF Document Security software assign PDF security settings to the document. These PDF security settings should stop the user from modifying the document, printing, duplicating, or even taking screenshots of it. With such PDF security settings in place you will have greatly curtailed any possible mischief someone could try with the document.


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