Thursday, March 21, 2013

About enforcing your copyright on digital books

Inside every book you will find copyright notifications warning users not to do things that could infringe on the authors copyrights. The reader is warned not to reproduce or transmit in any form, electronic or mechanical, any part of the book without permission from the publisher as doing so will amount to breaking the law. Does this warning deter people from infringing on publishers copyrights? Not much – especially not with digital books in PDF format. People are more restrained in copying printed books but have little qualms doing the same with ebooks because ebooks are so easy to copy in part or in their entirety without the publishers knowing about it.

As people go around copying and sharing ebooks, the authors continue to lose income. Nevertheless, authors now have a reason to smile because Locklizard , a leading provider of DRM software, has created powerful PDF file security software for ebooks created in PDF format (which is the most common format). Using Locklizard’s PDF file security software authors can now avail their books in form of secure PDF files and which has many advantages over unsecured PDF files.

A secure PDF file created using PDF file security software limits what a user can do with it. The author can prevent the user from copying the file which many people are wont to do. The author can stop the secure PDF file from being printed and even prevent users from selecting and copying text from its pages. An author who wants to make income from his ebook can encrypt it and then require anyone wishing to read it to purchase the key from him. He can go further and prevent such a key from being used for more than one copy of the same book effectively ensuring that no one will read his work without paying him for it.


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