Friday, October 28, 2011

Encrypting your PDF documents effectively

By encrypting your PDF documents you are making sure that only people with the decryption key (read authorized parties) can access their contents. There are several ways of encrypting PDF documents, with the most basic method being the use of password systems but they have been made obsolete courtesy of password-cracking tools.

The best way to do this therefore is to use non password-based encryption software such as the one developed by LockLizard. Locklizard use an encryption algorithm that is approved and used by the US government, AES, and which is available in key lengths of 128 and 256 bits. The revolutionary PDF security system from i.e. Safeguard PDF Security uses AES 256 bit for encrypting PDF documents and files and uses public key technology rather than passwords. This software also goes a step further to incorporate digital rights management rights controls, which are used to regulate what authorized users can do with your documents with respect to operations such as copying, saving, sharing, printing, and so forth.


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