Friday, October 28, 2011

Effective Adobe PDF Information Security

After you have created your PDF document it is now time to impose Digital Rights Management controls over it to protect it from unauthorized editing, copying, printing and sharing. You can achieve secure adobe PDF documents and files by using LockLizard’s Safeguard PDF information security software. You can be sure of this PDF information security platform because documents protected by it can only be accessed through LockLizard’s Safeguard Secure PDF viewer.

There are several advantages of using this viewer as opposed to other PDF viewers. These include the fact that it does not make use of plug-ins as these have been known to compromise a system’s security, it prevents running of JavaScript which has repeatedly been used to launch malicious attacks on computers, and that it does not need to be updated every time Adobe creates an update. With this software you can also secure adobe PDF documents against third-party screen grabbers.


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