Thursday, July 8, 2010

A broad Overview of LockLizard Safeguard PDF Security

You can now protect PDF documents and files from illegal distribution and keep control over how they are used and, the duration of their usage, using the controls from LockLizard Safeguard PDF Security.
Safeguard PDF Security helps you protect PDF documents from illegal viewing, printing, modification, copying, saving and sharing. Further, you can stop unauthorized printing to file, use of print screen, third party screen grabbers, image printers and so on.
Safeguard PDF Security lets you decide the time after which your documents can no longer be viewed, and the expiry of user accounts. You can control the viewing of your PDF documents on or offline, and whether they can be viewed in thin client or virtual environments.
The granularity of the control parameters available with Safeguard PDF Security lets you decide the numbers of: views, prints (or printing prevention), days to expiry or fixed date. You are empowered to revoke documents, watermark them (the user and publisher details can appear on screen and printout of the PDF Security protected documents), and ensure they cannot be used after they have expired.


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