Friday, May 28, 2010

About LockLizard PDF DRM Security

PDF DRM Security is a product of the LockLizard PDF security company. This product has been designed to overcome the flaws most PDF security platforms have. It is a more secure yet much simplified platform which makes it easy for anyone to manage and use secured PDF documents.

The design of PDF DRM Security is such that it seeks to address the weakness of password-based PDF software suites, the problems of plug-ins/outs, illegal printing and the ease of use of such platforms.

PDF DRM Security addresses the problem of password hacking through the use of a license file and decryption keys that are transparently relayed to the user’s computer. Plug-ins/outs lack appropriate certification capabilities and as for this reason the PDF DRM Viewer is used to view protected documents.

PDF DRM Security deals with illegal printing through watermarking the printed document with details of the person who did the printing e.g. the email address, his/her name etc. The publisher of the document may use these details to pursue legal action against such a person.
The ease of use of PDF DRM Security is also transparent to the end user who is only required to authenticate him/herself once in order to view protected documents.


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