Thursday, April 18, 2013

Protecting vital information with document copy protection software

In the modern workplace we tend to communicate a lot by email. Email is fast, cheap, and can deliver a message to scores of people at the touch of a button. Email is fine for sharing information that is not very sensitive or critical to the organization but it’s too risky when you want to share vital information with other members of the organization. Sensitive information requires careful handling which is why we only use secure documents like PDF to disseminate it. But even these secure documents are not entirely safe. There is an ever present danger of information leaking to the public. How can we prevent such information from leaking?

Using more secure document formats like PDF rather than simple email is a good way to go. In addition, we need to put document DRM into action. Document DRM thoroughly protects the information contained in vital documents. Document copy protection, for example, prevents anyone from making copies of a document. Sending crucial documents back and forth without adequate protection is very risky because one person can make copies of a document and then share it with people outside the organization. Compounding the risk of important information leaking is a problem that you may not know about it until it’s too late. It’s even possible that you will not identify the person responsible for the leak.

LockLizard Limited ( has created very powerful document DRM software. With this document copy protection software you can stop any copying and printing of protected documents. In addition to protecting the documents, you can monitor each and every person who is accessing them and what they are attempting to do with them. This will enable you to catch any member of staff who is trying to leak your company’s documents.


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