Thursday, October 25, 2012

LockLizard’s Feature’s and Potential Uses for File Protection

LockLizard is a digital rights management company that delivers content encryption products with digital rights management controls. They specialize in many different types of document protection. Their DRM software provides a variety of features that enable you to share documents securely, and control your document’s use. Their software can be used without password protection on many different document types including a pdf document. The software also enables you to log information on the frequency that your documents are viewed and how often they are printed. Another powerful feature of their DRM software ensures that any of your personal documents and public eBooks will not be pirated.

LockLizard’s copy protection software helps increase your document’s web based security as well as a pdf document. Some features that you can expect from their copy protection software include preventing copying and unlawful distribution of your information. It also prevents any unauthorized sharing and piracy of your documents. The software can also be used to prevent screen captures or grabs of protected documents as well as prevent printing of protected documents.  It can also be used to control the number of prints that are allowed for each protected document. The copy protection software can be used to take away a user’s access to a document. That makes this software an ideal choice for those who have sensitive information that needs to be accessed by multiple users.  In addition to revoking access to information instantly, the software can also grant a user a limited amount of time to access the information.

The copy protection software allows you to apply watermarks as well as unique user identification marks.  The copy protection software also enables you to audit document use to see who has access to your information at any time.  All of LockLizard’s software enables you to apply strong copy protection on your documents without using insecure password protection.


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