Thursday, April 5, 2012

About tools for fighting piracy

Piracy is a serious problem for owners of digital intellectual content (available electronically). Without proper anti piracy measures creators of content such as games, software, music and other applications, cannot maximally benefit from sales of their creativity. Piracy ensures content can be reproduced without duly benefiting the copyright owners.

Copyright protection has been extremely difficult to enforce for electronic mediums because it is very easy to duplicate digital content. However, the use of digital rights management software has given content developers effective copyright protection. With these tools copyright owners can limit the access and usage of their digital products. For example, they can prevent copying of music and video files from the original CDs or DVDs to other devices, thus preventing the unauthorized sharing of these contents. This therefore compels people to buy their own authorized copies hence creating revenue for the publisher. is a leading provider of anti piracy software and we have a variety of tools that can be used to protect any form of digital content. You can find them on our website at


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