Sunday, March 4, 2012

Preventing the unauthorized copying of your documents

Unauthorized copying of documents is a nagging bane for many authors and especially those attempting to publish on the Internet. Pirates have had an easy time copying and sharing authors works without permission, and of course, without compensating them. Private institutions and companies are not spared from this vice either. Document encryption software can be embraced in such situations to act as security software thus frustrating attempts to copy a document without the owner’s consent.

You need security software to protect your documents from unauthorized use. The best method of protection goes beyond mere encryption, and this is because once an authorized recipient has decrypted the document he/she can use it in any way he/she wants. You can limit this by using document encryption software from With our software you can limit the usage of a copy protected document by preventing activities like printing, copying and transferring, and even dictating the number of times the document can be viewed. With this advanced security implementation you will certainly enjoy better control over your copy protected documents.

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