Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PDF Document Security Software – Avoid the weaknesses of using password-based systems

There are several document security software suites that seek to enforce Digital Rights Management control, copyrights and intellectual property rights (IPR) by using password-based systems. These platforms are not viable because password protect PDF file systems can easily be compromised using password recovery tools, and as such any restrictions you had imposed on say copying or printing will be ignored. Password recovery programs are readily available from websites such as and among many other sources. The program available at the latter website is powerful enough to remove the JavaScript protection that some PDF document security products boast of.
At we have PDF document security software, Safeguard PDF Security, which effectively enforces DRM controls thanks to its public key technology, real-time licensing, and use of US Government strength (AES 256 bit) encryption. As such, with our software you can comprehensively overcome the flaws of using password protect PDF file systems, JavaScript, plug-ins, and zero footprint solutions.


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